Fate of Origin? Fittler reveals likelihood of 2020 series

Matt Buxton

With so much uncertainty sweeping across the world right now in relation to COVID-19 there are serious questions surrounding State of Origin.

The NRL season is on week-to-week life support with no guarantee that each match won’t be the last, raising huge question marks over if and when State of Origin will be played in 2020.

State of Origin is the crown jewel of Rugby League and the most valuable single product for broadcasters given its immense popularity in Australia. It’s also considered the most physically demanding game of Rugby League that every NSW or Queensland-eligible person longs to play.

For these reasons, Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler is certain it will be played.

“Origin will be played, I just don’t have a doubt that it will be played,” Fittler told NSWRL.com.au.

“Whether the first game is on June 3 in Adelaide is hard to say, I think at the moment no one really knows what’s happening, it’s some day-to-day decisions that are being made.

“But I have no doubt Origin will be played; it’s too valuable, people love it too much and the players love it too much.\

“Whether it’s in May, June, October or November, I think it will be played and it will be as good as ever.”