'Fletch' to rally Blatchys Blues fans


True Blue Bryan Fletcher has described his appointment as ‘Chief Blatchys Officer’ for the Westpac NSW Blues as the most significant event in State of Origin history.

Fletcher, aka ‘Fletch’, will lead the charge for diehard NSW fans, aka Blatchys Blues, for Game One of the 2024 Ampol State of Origin series at Accor Stadium in Sydney on Wednesday 5 June.

“I always knew I was made for more,” Fletcher said.

“There have been some great moments for the NSW Blues since Origin first started in 1980 but my elevation to ‘Chief Blatchys Officer’ probably surpasses them all.

“We’ve had ‘Gus’ stealing Lozza’s chair, Aaron Woods with his massive try-celebration fail, and then of course there was my hand grenade try celebration which still ticks Queensland off to this day. On second thoughts, maybe that’s the greatest Origin moment.

“Regardless, I look forward to hanging out with all Blatchys Blues fans throughout the Origin series. We can don the blue wigs, I’ll bring some mates along, and we can talk about my career and what a great player I was.

“I live my life by the three p’s – passion, pride and party – and I promise to bring that to Blatchys Blues too.”

Fletcher has previously hosted Blatchys Blues events with fellow Fox Sports commentator Nathan Hindmarsh but knew it was time to go out on his own.

“To be honest, Nathan was probably holding me back a little bit,” Fletcher said.

“He’s a great bloke, he always tries hard, but you only have to check our premiership records to see that I’m the real winner.”

Fletcher has promised that all Blatchys Blues fans will receive the iconic blue wig, a Blatchys Blues t-shirt, and a rally towel courtesy of The Star.

As well as attending Game One, Fletcher also has plans to host Blatchys Blues fans at the Sports Bar at The Star for Game Two in Melbourne on 26 June and Game Three in Brisbane on 17 July.

“I’m confident that with my support, the Westpac NSW Blues can get the job done this year and return the Shield to where it belongs in NSW,” Fletcher said.

“If results pan out the way I’m expecting, we might just stay put at The Star and keep the party going from Game Two to Game Three.”