"It's about time": Fittler raps Trbojevic spray

Matt Buxton

Jake Trbojevic’s animated half-time rev up that inspired the Manly Sea Eagles to an upset win over Parramatta last week has thrilled Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler.  

Often called Rugby League’s nicest guy, Trbojevic is known for his on-field actions and leadership rather than his talking to inspire those around him. As a result, when he did feel it was time to talk the talk, his teammates hung onto every word.

Incredible footage emerged of Trbojevic firing up his teammates at half-time when his side led 22-4 at half-time, pleading with them not to let this golden chance slip away as they fought to get back into the top eight.

The impact of a spray whether it’s positive or negative wears thin when done too often but Fittler believes the players took more notice than usual given who it came from and that sparked the win.

“We’ve all watched Jake for a long time, and it’s about time,” Fittler said on Five with Freddy.

“He knows what has to be done and his heart is always in the right spot and now it’s finally coming out.

“When it comes from Jake it’s authentic; he’s not ranting and raving, all his energy goes towards leading with his actions on the field so every now and then if he can do that it’s just another way of communication.

“He just didn’t want to let that one slide by, and I thought it was really good footage it was great to see him let it out.”

Given the highly competitive nature of professional Rugby League, teams and individuals must do anything they can to gain an advantage even if it’s a miniscule percentage.

Fittler places great importance on communication in his Origin camps, proven by something as simple as his no-phone policy.

Trbojevic communicated a message to his teammates to help gain that tiny advantage which is something that impressed Fittler.

“We don’t have the luxury of time in Rugby League; it’s a sport where it’s results driven and sometimes you’ve got to up the ante and put pressure on people and say how it is,” he said.

“I thought it was a great response to what was going on they were obviously in a really good mindset they played pretty good I thought, they were great.

“He was just telling them what needed to be done to finish it off.”