Joey sledge silences local mechanics

Stuart Honeysett

True Blue and Eighth Immortal Andrew Johns had no problems pulling apart the best defence on a football field but like most of the general public, trying to work out what’s wrong with your motor vehicle is a far different proposition.

Johns, who is celebrating his 46th birthday today, was heading to the home of good mate and Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler to shoot a segment for the Nine network when he noticed a burning smell coming from his car.

“I look at the temperature gauge and the temperature is going up and I’ve never, ever put oil in the car so I pulled into this petrol station and there’s a mechanic there,” Johns told Story Time for Wide World of Sports.

“I look for the lever (for the bonnet) and open it and then get out and the bonnet, I’m searching (how to raise it) and the mechanics are looking at me p…ing themselves (laughing).

“I look over at them and I’m half-narcy going, ‘It wouldn’t hurt you blokes to come and help me’ so they came over and opened the bonnet.

“I said, ‘Where’s the oil go? Where do you check the oil?’ and they’re looking at me, shaking their head and they pull it out and they say, ‘There’s plenty of oil.’

“I said, ‘Where’s the water go? Does it go in there?’ and they go, ‘No, that’s where the oil goes’ and then they start shaking their heads going, ‘Mate, are you serious?’”

Johns was never short of a comeback during his career and his trademark wit wasn’t about to desert him for this embarrassing moment either.

“I said, ‘See that telegraph pole over there, 30 metres (away). I’d like to see your banana kick and try and hit that!’”

The mechanics paid the sledge and Johns soon got on his way.