World-class compression gear to give the Blues an edge


The Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues will wear state-of-the-art perfectly-fitted compression garments, worn by Olympians, NBA basketballers and a UFC champion, on their five-hour flight to Perth on Monday in a bid by coach Brad Fittler to give them an edge ahead of Game Two of the 2019 Holden State of Origin Series. 
With a number of players from Game One playing on Sunday afternoon, Fittler has turned to German company Bauerfeind’s Australian headquarters which uses a state-of-the-art 3D scanner to individually fit compression garments, to ensure the players arrive in Perth on Monday in the best possible condition to begin their short preparation. 
“Everyone in sport is trying to chase the one per-centers and best practice … these are the best products in the world,” said Fittler.
“They will help with recovery on the long flight and after training and some of the players have also chosen to use them while training and playing.”
The NSWRL has partnered with Bauerfeind, the world leader in “medical grade” compression, supports and braces, which aim to help with sports performance, injury prevention, recovery and speeding up the recovery process.
Unlike off-the-shelf products, the garments are fitted after 3D body scanning to ensure the best fit for each player (beyond the standard small, medium, large sizing) as well as looking at muscle circumference variations and thereby flagging potential injuries.
Blues hooker Damien Cook, who was fitted this week, said: "I’m passionate about my recovery and I know how important it is if I want to stay on top of my game.
“Recovery is very important and there’s a lot of other things I do but this (using Bauerfeind) is another step in the right direction.

"(Last week) was the first time in my career where I had to play two games in two days so coming to a place like this I’m learning a little bit more.
“I’ve got different types of compression garments now so I have some to wear in games and others to wear on the flight to Perth and obviously some to wear on recovery days. They cover all situations."
The garments are worn by elite athletes worldwide, including those at the Olympic Games, with Bauerfeind being an official partner since 2004. More than 700 athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio took advantage of the product, along with other global sporting champions including UFC’s Connor McGregor and 14-time NBA All-Star Dirk Nowitzki.
Bauerfeind Australia CEO Walid Yassine said he was thrilled to be working with NSWRL to provide unlimited access to the latest in injury detection and scanning technology coupled with cutting-edge compression gear to prevent and treat injuries and enhance player performance.
“Our medical grade products and 3D body-scanning systems in detecting variations is a huge key to managing injury and enhancing performance,” Yassine said.
“The Bodytronic is 99.8 per cent accurate in picking up variations meaning we can not only detect a developing injury, but correctly fit with the right size support.
“A one-size fits all approach using a standard sizing system isn’t ideal or the most effective way to gain all the benefits of compression for recovery and injury prevention.
“Bauerfeind’s technology and products are, quite literally, a game-changer in Australia.”

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